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Perform Effective Cross Browser Testing Using This Strategy And LambdaTest

In the previous article, we got to know why Cross-browser testing is an integral part of any web application testing. With so many browsers available in the market, each with their own usage shares that varies based on user zones as well as devices, a tester easily gets into complication regarding how to formulate a proper testing strategy or which browsers to select in the compatibility matrix.

In this article, we are going to discuss few strategies for easing your

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Tutorial 11: Guide on the Script Table in FitNesse with an example

In “FitNesse For Beginners” tutorial series page, checkout all tutorials if you missed an article.

In this table, we are going to discuss and learn about the slim testing engine using Script Table in FitNesse with an example in detail.


Script Table In FitNesse:

Script table is a series of actions and checks that are similar to Do Fixture. The first row of script table starts with word “Script” followed by the name of the fixture (known as the

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7 iOS Testing Tools You Need to Know

As mobile app development is growing day by day as the number of users are increasing dramatically, therefore there is a need to move away from manual testing to test automation by using iOS testing tools. There are many tools available in the market that could help in testing iOS-based apps. In this article, we are going to discuss on 7 keys testing tools which are frequently used to automate and test iOS applications.


XCTest – iOS testing tool

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What Is Cross-Browser Compatibility And Why Do We Need It?

When a user views a website, he does not understand what is going on behind the operating system and the browser. If the website is not rendered properly, the hammer of the blame falls on the developer. However, as a developer and tester, we understand that the rendering engine of the browser decides how the HTML and CSS are rendered, overall how the webpage is displayed. Thus, Cross-browser Compatibility testing comes into play, to let us know how our website

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Pairwise Testing in Software Testing


We need test cases with 100% test coverage in order to test any software application. This will ensure that all possible combination of input and output parameters are well tested. Now a quick question, is that possible to achieve 100% test coverage without writing verbose test cases? Well, it’s possible if we practice “Pairwise Testing” or “All-Pairs testing” test design. Pairwise Testing can be defined as a “black box testing” test design technique that ensures almost hundred percent

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Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Automation

In today’s article we are going to learn about most commonly used “Accessibility Testing Tools”.

Importance of Accessibility Testing

All application users cannot be alike and the application access cannot be limited to certain categories of users. Every software application is build for wide audiences and it also includes peoples with auditory, visuals, or other cognitive impairments. In order to involve all categories of people with a particular software application access, there is a need for application accessibility testing where

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